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$ETH - Ethereum 

W1: first impulsive wave (5)

W2: first corrective wave (3)

W3: second extended impulsive wave (5)

W4: second extended corrective wave (3)

W5: next up

W2 and W4 tend to alternate between a relative sharp and flat correction:

W2: retraced to <0.272 retracement of W1 (Sharp)

W4: retraced to 0.618 retracement of W3 (Flat). There's room for $ETH to correct deeper to for instance the 0.5 retracement at ~$620, before W5 starts. Breaking $2200 from here would be a strong sign the bottom of W4 is in.

W5: next up

Invalidation: Whenever W4 enters territory of W1, i.e. price drops below $360

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