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$COTI, $FLOKI, $CYS, $FLM, $AXS - 31st draw October challenge

The higher a target, the more likely a lower target will be the cycle top. Highest targets are deemed possible when the total market capitalization grows to 10T EOY '21.

--> link to challenge dashboard


Earlier post:

Technical targets:

  • ~$1.5 1.618 ext. of inverse head and shoulders since May; 2.272 extension of bear market; (very likely)

  • ~$3 2 extension of inv. H&S; 2.272 extension of bear market; (likely)

  • $8-$9 2.618 extension of inv. H&S; 2.618 extension of bear market; (very possible)

  • ~$50 3.618 extension of inv. H&S; 3.272 extension of bear market. (possible)

  • >$50 (unlikely)

Live chart COTI/USD:

Live chart COTI/BTC:

The multi-year resistance zone of 750-900 satoshi's has finally been broken and is being tested for support.

More relevant tweets


$FLOKI - Floki Inu/Floki Musk/Shiba Floki/Baby Moon Floki

Don't be a fool, #sellyourmemecoins and invest in projects that matter and are not harmful to (the image of) the crypto space as a whole. The project has an insane circulating supply, such that prices per $FLOKI (4 projects with the same ticker) are extremely low. Clearly these tokens are engineered to attract simple minds that simply buy tokens with the lowest price available and hope it will reach $1 one day, having zero clue about market capitalization.


$CYS - Cyclos

This is a very young project and price data ranges back only a single month and is trending downward. The in-depth research in the link below concludes that this is quite a risky project to invest in because it has many competitors with equivalent products. Sometimes high risk comes with high reward, but DYOR.


$FLM - Flamingo Finance

Very small market cap. High risk, potential high reward. DYOR.

Flamingo positions itself as a singular platform that combines multiple decentralized finance tools for Neo into a common ecosystem that will be governed by its users via a decentralized autonomous organization.

Technical targets IF ATH gets broken:

  • $2.2 1.272 extension of bear market;

  • $3.1 1.414 extension of bear market;

  • $5 1.618 extension of bear market, target of symmetrical triangle;

  • $12 2 extension of bear market;

  • $50 2.618 extension of bear market.

Key support to hold: Lower white trend line

Key resistance to break: Higher white trend line ($0.7)

Tip: in the tradingview chart you can press the play button, to see how price evolved after this analysis was made.


$AXS - Axie Infinity

Great coverage:


The release schedule of the AXS supply is shown in the figure below. As it was launched in november 2020, next month the issuance of new tokens will slow down. Therefore it is likely that this does not have a significant impact on price action.

Technical analysis:

Clearly the price is in a massive bull run, but it could be very well the case that most of the gains have already been realized.


  • $130 2.618 extension of 3-4 correction; (already met)

  • $220 3 extension of 3-4 correction; (very possible)

  • ~$500 3.618 extension of 3-4 correction and extension of channel through 3,4. (possible)

Key support to hold: lower trend line

Key resistance to break: $130, higher green trend line

Tip: in the tradingview chart you can press the play button, to see how price evolved after this analysis was made.

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DISCLAIMER: The targets that I identify are based on Technical Analysis and are by no means guarantees that these will be met. You can use (intermediate) targets to build your trading strategy to determine which price targets are strong take profit or stop loss levels. Always do your own research and don't blame me for your own trading decisions.
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