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$NKN [1W] - Bull market targets

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

New Kind of Network is one of the surprise gainers of this bull market.

Bear market 2018-2020

Price corrected in a ABC correction wave (white)

Bull market 2020-2022

  • 0-1: first impulse wave

  • 1-2: first corrective wave

  • 2-3: second impulse wave

  • 3-4: second corrective wave

  • 4-5: current wave (i-ii)


The strongest targets are Fibonacci extension levels of the bear market 'cup' that coincide with the extension levels of the 3-4 wave.

  • ~$2.8

  • ~$6

Tip: in the tradingview chart you can press the play button, to see how price evolved after this analysis was made.

More info:

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