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$PRCY, $QNT, $ASH, $CTK - 32nd draw October challenge

The higher a target, the more likely a lower target will be the cycle top. Highest targets are deemed possible when the total market capitalization grows to 10T EOY '21.

--> link to challenge dashboard


This is a teeny-tiny project in terms of market capitalization. The project has only been around since March this year, so not much price action can be analyzed. There is big competition in the privacy coin sphere and I expect that these projects will get the first blows when regulation kicks in. It all sounds great "Privacy is your Right", but I don't think large enterprises will cooperate with non-licensed partners. Therefore I see this segment as a crypto niche and don't think it will gain mass adoption. Moreover, the extend in which a human right like liberty or privacy can be pushed through depends on the coherence with other rights that need to be respected as well, hence no right is absolute; when pushed to its limit, human rights becomes anarchistic or totalitarian.

The roadmap looks good with wrapping the $PRCY token on the Polkadot and Ethereum blockchains in Q4 this year and a Tier 1 exchange listing in Q1 next year. DYOR.


Technical analysis

From the chart below it is clear that this project needs to flip the key resistance between $0.7-$1.2 to confirm it's still in a bull market.


$QNT - Quant

Quant’s operating system, Overledger, was designed to act as a gateway for any blockchain-based project to access all other blockchains. It also works in connecting an application to other applications in the same blockchain ecosystem, like Ethereum.

Great coverage: link

Elliott wave analysis | targets 4-5 wave:

  • ~$1000 1.618 extension of 3-4 correction; 3.618 extension of 1-2 correction;(very likely)

  • ~$1500 3 extension of 3-4 correction; 4 extension of 1-2 correction;(likely)

  • ~$2500 4 extension of 3-4 correction; 4.414 extension of 1-2 correction, extension of channel through 1-2-3-4; (very possible, main)

Key support to hold: Lower white trend line

Key resistance to break: $350-$400

Tip: in the tradingview chart you can press the play button, to see how price evolved after this analysis was made. Also you can zoom in using the price and time bar. The chart is also "toggleable".


$ASH - ASH allows you to burn NFTs for ASH. Weirdest project I've seen so far, don't even consider to buy it.

More info:


$CTK - CertiK

This project seems legit and has a lot of big strategic partners. The very small market cap shows that there might be enormous upside for this project. DYOR.

Technical targets:

  • $6 1.272 extension of bear market;

  • $11 1.618 extension of bear market;

  • $15 1.786 extension of bear market;

  • $22 2 extension of bear market;

  • $60 2.618 extension of bear market;

Key resistance to break: $2-$2.75

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DISCLAIMER: The targets that I identify are based on Technical Analysis and are by no means guarantees that these will be met. You can use (intermediate) targets to build your trading strategy to determine which price targets are strong take profit or stop loss levels. Always do your own research and don't blame me for your own trading decisions.
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